Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Possible Heller Opponents Stand Out in Legislature

The Las Vegas Sun took a look at the winners and losers of the legislative session. One big winner: Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley. One reason for this was her willingness to delegate to other competent Assembly members, among them possible Heller opponents Sheila Leslie, Debbie Smith, and Bonnie Parnell:

Buckley's leadership skills showed in her ability to effectively delegate to other Democrats in her caucus. She gave significant responsibility to lieutenants, who ran with it. By doing so, she nurtured legislative leadership while engendering loyalty, though she was still closely involved in the issues.

Majority Leader John Oceguera showed leadership on commerce and public safety issues; Sheila Leslie on fiscal, health and human services issues; Marcus Conklin helped manage the caucus; Debbie Smith and Marilyn Kirkpatrick came to dominate the issue of tax breaks for environmentally friendly building; Bonnie Parnell became a point person on education; Kelvin Atkinson pushed transportation policy; and David Parks advocated reform of prison policy.

Now that the Legislature's session is over, it's time to recruit a Democratic candidate for Nevada's 2nd Congressional District. Sheila Leslie, Debbie Smith, or Bonnie Parnell would all make great contenders.

Debbie Smith, Bonnie Parnell, and Sheila Leslie

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UpNorth said...

I think Sheila is too valuable in the Assembly to leave and already known in the Cows as a Nancy Pelosi liberal.

Parnell has won in red leaning Carson City. I haven't seen enough of her to know whether she would be viable.

Debbie Smith was hailed as a "get something done" legislator this past session, would have a strong Washoe base and rural roots to run on.

Lance, the Dem who almost won the election for Elko's mayor last week, may be an option in the future but I think he still needs some time to mature as a candidate.