Wednesday, April 18, 2007

VoteVets Targeting Dean Heller

VoteVets are currently targeting 32 House members who voted against a deadline for redeploying the troops from Iraq using automated phone messages, reports the Politico. Among them: Nevada's Dean Heller.

Here's the message, narrated by Brandon Friedman, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan:

"Hello, my name is Brandon Friedman. I served America in Iraq, and I'm calling to tell you how angered I am that on March 28th, your Congressman,______________, stood against America's troops, by voting against legislation that would finally set a course to responsibly redeploy them from Iraq's civil war.

"Congressman_________ talks a lot about supporting the troops, but when the chips were down, he voted with President Bush and against the troops. He voted in favor of sending more and more of my fellow troops to Iraq- with no end in sight. If you're as disappointed as I am in Congressman________ let him know. Call him at ____________. Thank you."

VoteVets is an extraordinary and very credible organization caring about the needs of America's veterans. On its advisory board sit (among others):

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark
Former Sen. Bob Kerrey
Retired Major General Paul Eaton
Retired Major General John Batiste

Clark was in Nevada last year campaigning for Jill Derby.

VoteVets also aired this very powerful commercial against then Sen. George Allen last year:

Of course, these calls come at the same time as the ad by Americans United for Change. Here it is again:

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