Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What the Blogs are Saying About Heller

Both yesterday's article in the Las Vegas Sun as well as the launch of "Helluva Heller" itself have provoced reaction in the Nevada blogosphere:

Desert Beacon:

Heller Talks: Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV02) announces he spends "most of his time thinking about Iraq." [LVSun] "Heller has struggled during his three months in office to become an Iraq expert. He keeps a copy of the Iraq Study Group report in his briefcase." (Note to Rep. Heller: Removing the report from the brief case and reading it in its entirety might prevent future misinterpretations similar to "It supports the Surge.") Those who don't have a copy of the report for their briefcases can download one here. (PDF 519 KB) Sven's new blog gets a mention. "Blogging the 435th Most Powerful Member of the House of Representatives."

Las Vegas Gleaner:

In other go-along, get-along War Party rubber stamp news, Dean Heller has met the enemy, and he is Sven (Sun). Somebody needs to tell Heller that Germany is not on the east coast.

Nye - Gateway to Nevada's Rurals:

The threat of the ads on Heller may already begin bearing some fruit. Heller indicated to the Sun he'll be reassessing his stand with Bush on Iraq. Now, when Democrats "reassess" Republicans call it "flip-flopping." The question is whether Heller will "flip-flop" or continue to adhere to the Bush talking points and "stay the course" in Iraq and oppose withdrawal of the troops, or will Heller reflect the wishes of his Nevada constituency and seek withdrawal of the troops from Iraq. He can't have it both ways--he has to choose.

Is he going to represent Bush or his constiuents?

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