Friday, July 27, 2007

Heller On Drugs?

Dean Heller recently voted against H.R. 3093. It was an appropriations bill for the Departments of Commerce and Justice. The bill, with slightly increased funding over the previous year, would have allowed for more money to be granted to local law enforcement to combat the methamphetamine drug problem. Now, if Heller was a Representative from Utah, where there is virtually no problem with the drug, I would be perfectly fine with him being against the extra spending.
However, he is the United States Representative from Northern Nevada. And as we all know, there is a huge meth problem in Reno, Elko and surrounding areas. Thanks, Dean, for watching out for your district. This is yet another example of our Representative playing as the lapdog of the Bush Administration.

"Highly addictive drugs aren't a problem in this country," -Dean Heller (not actually a quote.)

You know, if he is so against funding these laws, maybe he has something to hide. Someone want to check his basement?

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Nevada Mojo Rising said...

Hmmm might be on to something. Besides, his pepsodent smile scares the heller outta me!!