Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Heller Supports Bush" Featured on BBC World Last Night

Cross posted from My Silver State:

Bush was in Reno, I was in Hamburg visiting a friend. Late last night before going to bed I watched the news on BBC World. They had a report on Bush's visit to Reno, his Iran threats and his Iraq policy (or lack thereof). Towards the end of the report, they also showed the anti-Bush protest. And while there were not all that many (25 according to the LVRJ, 50 according to the LV Sun - what's the true number?), your message came across. Prominently featured was a poster held up by a young man with the slogan:

Bush supports endless war, Heller supports Bush

That's one helluva way for Heller to make worldwide news, don't you think? Kudos to the protesters!

The report is on the BBC's website, there (below a photo of Bush) you can click to watch the video.


J. Rob said...

The RGJ said the turnout was around 100.

My partner in crime, Michele made that sign.

Bush did most of the work, though.

Michele said...

That was my sign. I made it at the 46 hour vigil at the federal building. I can't believe it was seen in Europe ^_^