Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reno Protesters demand change in war policy

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George Bush has been addressing the American Legion in Reno. As he hailed his strategy in Iraq as a necessity for the security of the United States, protesters lined the street corners outside the Reno-Sparks Convention Center Tuesday morning, calling for the end of the war and for Bush's impeachment. [Michael]

"Support the Troops, End the War" was the dominant message from the group. Other signs read: "Get out of Iraq," "Impeach," "Support Troops -- Fund the VA," and "How many soldiers does it take to fill your tank?"

Dean Heller has steadfastly supported Bush in remaining in Iraq. “The anti-war group has focused its attention nationwide on members of Congress who have opposed ending the war, including Heller, R-Carson City, he said. Later in the day, the organization planned a "take a stand" town hall meeting to call for [Dean] Heller's support.”

One member of the VFW displayed his disdain for the protestors.

While generally peaceful, one protester was pushed to the ground by a Veterans of Foreign Wars member on his way to hear Bush speak, said Georgia Hedrick, 67, of Reno.

"He had on an American Legion hat and was in a suit and was pushing his way through the people," Hedrick said. "He pushed one woman into the gutter, and he just kept walking. He didn't stop. He just went on into the parking lot."

Hedrick said the man spoke briefly with several officers standing nearby, but soon went into the center.

"If one of us had pushed him down, we'd be in jail," she said.

The woman who fell, Gail Pratt, 72, left the protest to seek medical attention, Hedrick said.

That action by the VFW member demonstrates his immaturity.

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