Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some Days Heller Should Just Stay in Bed

Congressman Dean Heller had an embarrassing week last week. He was on a tour of the state, was in a hurry, and asked for a lunch "to go" at a local restaurant. As he was paying for the lunch, he was hungry and started picking at the plate ... only to discover the food belonged to the people behind him. They just laughed and took it anyway. And it didn't stop there. He then went to Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center with his daughter, Emmy, to see his niece, Maggie. He and Emmy went into the room and were peering down into her face, only to have the patient ask, "Who are you?" Turns out they were in the wrong room. Maggie was in the next one, and, as they left, the lady said, "Isn't that Dean Heller?" He was extremely tempted to say, "No, I don't think so." So much for the life of a congressman. [Nevada Appeal]

Makes one wonder if he can find his office in Washington.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously a space cadet who loves following authoritarians which means he's lost without people like KKKarl Rove to tell him what to do next.