Friday, October 5, 2007

Heller: The Anti-Family Values Congressman

Dean Heller has reiterated his stance against the expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). In August he said: "This Congress is seeking to create a massive and unnecessary federally funded health program."

Problem is, the American people simply don't agree with him, as an overwhelming 72% support the explansion of SCHIP. Republicans alway talk about "family values" but when push comes to shove, they always chicken out. Heller's no exception here. His stance against SCHIP is a clear stance against family values.

As for the fall out, the last part of the Las Vegas Sun article by Lisa Mascaro is really interesting:

Bloggers have targeted Heller. But that might help him among supporters back home.

Conservative activist Chuck Muth in Reno said Heller's stance will earn him favor with his conservative base. Heller's district is largely Republican and the congressman would likely face greater disapproval if he were to shift suddenly and vote to override Bush's veto.

Heller's greater threat, Muth said, would be a primary challenge from the right, as he faced last year.

"It's going to be very easy" for Heller to explain to voters in his district that he supported the program at its current levels, but not expanding it, Muth said.

"Very easy?" I don't think so. When you act against the wishes of 72% of your electorate, you're in deep trouble. And as for the bloggers (which include the Desert Beacon and Myrna who have both posted extensively on this issue) - well, we just won't stop blogging about this.

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