Monday, October 8, 2007

Heller refuses to override Bush's SCHIP veto

Dean Heller, Nevada's 3rd Congressional District representative in Congress, is being asked to help override the veto of SCHIP by George Bush. SCHIP is the children's health insurance legislation. [Lahontan Valley News and Fallon Eagle Standard]

The program was created to provide health insurance to the children of the country's working poor. Bush objected to the bill's expansion of that program to provide health coverage to 10 million children from the 6 million it now serves.

"In only his fourth veto ever, (Bush) blocked health-care coverage for millions of uninsured - and mostly poor - kids," organization officials said in announcing the rally. "We need just 15 more Republicans in Congress to break with Bush to override the veto."

"There are a few crumbs on the table for children and families that are struggling and I'd like to see them get the help," said Brad Merrill, of Carson City.

Lana Galyean, of Carson City, said Bush's veto was "irresponsible."

"It's extremely important we look after our children and this administration has been unwilling to do that," she said.

According to the, Nevada has one of the nation's worst rates of uninsured children in the nation, with more than 100,000 not covered by any policy. About 34,000 children in Nevada are covered by SCHIP.

Heller refuses to override the Bush veto. Nevadans should refuse to return Heller to Congress in 2008. Heller has three children of his own; Harris, 17; Drew, 15; and Emmy, 10. Their daughter, Hilary, attends Arizona State University according to his website. Fortunately he isn't poor and doesn't have to face the plight of poor families when their children need medical help.

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Just My Thoughts said...

No matter what subject may be in different posts any time one mentions Dean Heller it is makes me sick to think he is the representative in my district.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised though. A lot of the stupid country Rubes in Nye County won't even vote to improve streets and sidewalks let alone help anyone, unless it's got something in it for them.