Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Heller vs. A Balanced Budget

On a recent Nevada Newsmakers the co-host told Heller she was disappointed with his flip-flop on partisanship. She noted that he had been someone who would work across party lines as Secretary of State to get things done but his move to Washington instantly turned him into a lapdog of the GOP.

The 2007 Pay-As-You-Go Bill was designed to ensure that sunlight exposed members with earmarks and that decreasing government revenues could not be passed without a decrease in government spending or an increase in government revenues somewhere else.

How did Heller vote on balancing the budget? NO

Why is this such a big deal? Well, if Heller was suppose to be the 'conservative' choice for Nevada's Second District then the word conservative has taken on a new meaning. If Heller is the poster boy, this vote against openness in government and balanced budgets means conservative now means - increase the future tax at any expense, don't let the people you elected know which pork is yours, and work hard to continue deficit spending. Heller said in the campaign that tax cuts weren't the problem it was spending. Well, Heller had a chance to reign in spending and he refused to.

Bottom line: Heller's vote against the pay-as-you-go legislation means he has no problem with deficit spending meaning he has no problem with you spending more on taxes in the future.

Nevada's other Representatives (Berkley and Porter) voted for it, making Heller NEVADA'S MOST EXPENSIVE REPRESENTATIVE.

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