Friday, May 11, 2007

Rep. Heller's not-so-shiny-new bill

Wow, s'cuse me for not being more impressed: Nevada District 2 Representative Dean Heller's first bill is a rehash of legislation introduced in the 109th Congress to transfer federal land to Reno to complete the Trench Project. The bill was previously introduced by Nevada Senators Reid (D) and Ensign (R) last term, and Senator Ensign is planning to re-introduce the bill during the 110th. [RGJ] Saying, "...It's non-controversial" is much like saying rain is not dry?

For this Rep. Heller raised $1,634,942 and spent $1,609,281 to get elected? [OS]

And, when something controversial does pop up where's Rep. Heller? Read this article from the Las Vegas Sun and see if you can find Rep. Heller among the Nevada Congressional delegation members who expressed an opinion on the matter at hand.

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