Friday, May 18, 2007

Why Does Heller Have an Office in Las Vegas?

So, I just went to Heller's official House website and was surprised that it was now finally functional. The one he had still up a couple of weeks (and more than three months after taking office) was an embarrassment. His new website ain't all that bad. It looks surprisingly non-militaristic as so many other Republican websites and that's as much a compliment he'll get from me on that. Just one thing: what's up with the Nevada Capitol dome? You do realize that you now work in Congress, right? Or is that a hint at your gubernatorial ambitions?

Now, to the interesting part. Heller has four offices. One in DC, of course, another one in Reno and one in Elko for the northeastern part of the district. Amazingly, his fourth office is not even in the district. It's in Las Vegas, on 600 Las Vegas Blvd, which is part of Shelley Berkley's district. Here's a map of the 2nd district. When you zoom in on the Las Vegas part, you will see that the office is a couple of miles outside his district, the closest point in his district being Nellis Air Force Base. Meanwhile, Berkley and Jon Porter have each one office in their district, not outside of it.

Of course, it's good that Heller has an office in southern Nevada. However, color me surprised that he wasn't able to rent one inside his district, say in Pahrump or in Mesquite.

This just leaves us with one question:

Did Heller skip geography in high school?


Nevada Scandalmonger said...

I'm not one to defend Congress-critters from the 2nd, but the 2nd district does cover bits of Clark County, and probably the best way to have some contact with those folks is an office in Vegas. I'd be more surprised if Hell-boy didn't have one.


Desert Beacon said...

Adding on -- yes there is a bit of Clark County in the 2nd District, to which we can add that Heller did quite a bit of fundraising in Las Vegas and environs during the 2006 election season.

Anonymous said...

I'd be looking at mining interests in the area. Don't think mines are in the area? Mines have to be in the are to make themselves look good where the voters are. This is about the 2008 election and LV was where the mining spooks started the smear job in 04 against John Kerry. Wasn't it Barrick Gold that had an office in LV?