Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Heller vs. The Environment

As more and more Americans wake up to the emerging climate crisis, we must expect our representatives to wake up as well.

As more and more Americans realize our dependence on foreign oil is becoming a greater national security risk, we must expect our representatives to act in order to reduce that dependence.

Representative Heller managed to ignore both these issues with a single vote back in January. In fact he voted against protecting our environment and becoming energy independent with one of his earliest votes in the House of Representatives.

His vote against The Clean Energy Act of 2007 not only was a signal that he thought the U.S. Government should be subsidizing big oil but that he is against releasing the grip of countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela on the American economy.

I expected Dean Heller to be on the same side as big oil. After all, Exxon Mobil made sure to pump money into his campaign war chest. But having Nevada's Representative for the 2nd Congressional District side with Hugo Chavez King Abdullah, and those who want to jeopardize America's security is not something I expected.

UPDATE: A quick story on how bad Heller's friends at big oil are.

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