Sunday, May 6, 2007

Heller's FEC Page

Dean Heller's FEC disclosure page is available here.

You can see committees who gave to Heller. Including: Safeway, Exxon Mobil, Newmont Mining, Pfizer, RichPAC (Former Congressman Richard Pombo's PAC).

The other page is individual contributions to Heller. Including: Alfredo Alonso, Mark Destefano, Billy Vassiliadis and NOT Jim Gibbons.

You can also see a page that lists the organizations that gave AGAINST Heller

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Billy said...

Good stuff for the Washoe Dem party which has been sending out information in every newsletter on local companies that have given tons to Reps over Dems, including Michaels and Home Depot. I knew there was a reason I liked Lowe's so much better.

I forwarded this on for to add to the garbage heap.