Friday, May 18, 2007

UPDATE: Blood on Heller's Hands

Update: The family hasconfirmed the soldier's death. He was no kidnapped. He was the one soldier killed in the ambush whose dog tags were taken. The blood on Heller's hands is no longer potential - it is real.

You can email your thoughts to Heller here.

KTVN news is reporting that one of the missing soldiers in Iraq is from Northern Nevada. He graduated from Douglas High School in Gardnerville. His convoy was ambushed on Saturday and he and two other soldiers remain missing. We hope and pray that he is returned safely to his unit and to the Silver State but, if he is not, Dean Heller will have blood on his hands.

Representative Heller continues to refuse to bring the troops home. There have been 28 Nevada deaths so far in Iraq; 15 of which are from his district and yet he continues to refuse to bring the troops home. The Nevada National Guard was shipped to Iraq on Mother's Day, leaving Nevada's support system weakened, and yet he continues to refuse to bring the troops home. How so? Heller voted against the Iraq Accountability Act and against overturning the President's veto.

This young man was not returned to his unit and to our state, Dean Heller has blood on his hands. It's up to us to make sure the rest of Nevada hears about it. Letters to the editor: RGJ, Nevada Appeal, Elko Daily Free Press, Ely Times, Pahrump Valley Times, Lahontan Valley News

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